Wear and tear of your clutch is an inevitable thing to happen. However, how you use your clutch while you are on the road will determine your clutch’s life span. Giving it smooth and even shifting and taking care not to ride the clutch (leaving your foot on the clutch pedal while driving) are some of the things to help lengthen the life of your clutch. Also, do not forget a proper maintenance check on it frequently to avoid clutch service. Proper care and minor maintenance can add years and miles to your clutch. New or inexperienced drivers are also hard on clutches. However, familiarizing yourself with some of the known clutch issues can save you a lot of money.

Over time, the pressure plate clutch disc and the flywheel can wear with all the clutch activities. Some indicators that you need clutch service are difficulty shifting, noises coming from the clutch, and slippage. Slippage may also be due to oil. Oil leaks can cause damage to the clutch causing it to slip under load. This will create more slippage. When slippage occurs frequently, it will eventually damage your pressure plate clutch disc and your flywheel. Another common issue is if your clutch would not release when the clutch pedal is depressed. At this point, the clutch may not be the issue but other parts that are associated  to it. Some reasons for your clutch to act up like this are due to misaligned linkage, faulty clutch cylinders, broken cable, and defective clutch pedal. Here at Integrity Auto Care, our technicians are fully trained and qualified to fix your clutch issues. Call us today for a diagnosis!


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