Join our family of technicians in our super clean, and modern facility.

5 day work week and no evenings
Paid vacations and holidays
Super up to date tools and equipment
Paid training multiple times a year (plus weekly training)
We use Tablets for our vehicle inspections so their faster and we get much better results.
We have 6 service lifts
No Warranty work!
Huge assortment of specialty tools to make your job easier
Variety of work – we keep it interesting.
We work on all kinds of cool cars and projects that keep your days exciting!

Each technician has a laptop computer and a tablet, go big or go home.
Here at Integrity Auto Care we have built our business to cater to our technicians and customers. We have proven that when we keep our technicians and customers happy we can all be successful together, book more hours in a shorter amount of time, and truly enjoy coming to work everyday. We deal mostly in repeat customers and have an overflow or business waiting for you!

Here’s just a few expectations we have for you:

Computer skills are a must – including tablets
An organizational mastermind
A love of what you do
Open to learning – every minute of every day
You’ve got to genuinely enjoy helping people
Employment History
Please fill out the application below.